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Permanent Makeup

Does it hurt? Most people considering permanent makeup want to know if it is painful.  I use pain numbing cream before and during all processes, so it is not as painful as a normal tattoo. sometimes people say they can't even feel it at all!  Healing times for permanent makeup vary from person to person, from 10-14 days is the length of time recommended not to wear makeup in newly tattooed areas.


Top liner $225
Bottom Liner $200

Top eyeliner is filled in to the lash line and creates a shape that you choose. Bottom eyeliner is usually close to the lash line but we can place in your preferred shape & shading.  Includes 1 touch up!

Eyelash Enhancement


Eyelash enhancements are eyeliners placed in your lash line to make your eyelashes look thicker and darker!  It's still eyeliner but with a more natural look. 1 touch up included.

Lip color or liner

$550 full Lipcolor
$400 Lipliner blended
$75 add on injection shading

Choose a natural look or get the lipstick you wear everyday permanently! This service includes 1 touchups at 30 days.  Injection shading is perfect if you want your lips to look fuller and larger!

Beauty Marks

Starting at $150

Customized for each individual, you can darken a beauty mark, add something new, or have a new and fun shape.  Colors can be matched to your skintone!


Starting at $350

Freckles can give you the cute sunkissed, girl next door look that you've always wanted!  Each service is color matched to your skintone, and custom placed for each clients preference.


For those of us who overtweezed our eyebrows, or if you just don't grow enough, this is the service for you!  Microblading is a new technique in semi-permanent makeup where you get fine individual hair strokes tattooed onto your eyebrows. Depending on your skin regimen, and how fast your skin regenerates, this can last with touchups for life!  You will want a touchup every year to keep these looking fresh and 3d. Every service includes 1 touchup within 35 days!

Microblading eyebrows

$500 includes 1 touchup

This is the newest technique to get natural looking brows!  Each hair stroke is placed with the direction of natural growth in fine lines with a tapered tip so it looks very realistic. Also called 3d eyebrows.

Ombre shading

$150 add on service

This is a combination of the microblading technique with soft powder fill shaded in behind natural looking hairstrokes.

Touch ups

Starts at 50% of service for returning clients

Your permanent makeup can fade over time. To keep them looking fresh, touchups are recommended every year to 2 years for microblading, and 3-5 years on most other services depending on how well your skin holds the pigment.

For when you already have hairs, but just want some added shape & background color to help create shape & depth.  Includes 1 touchup at 30 days, and has a longer life span than microblading of only needing touchups every 3-5 years.

Soft fill (powder eyebrow)


Every service will be tailored to each individual. Before starting we will choose the color that you prefer, match it to your skin tone, and create the shape that is most flattering to your face using the Golden ratio rule!  Every person has different preference on arch and shape so we won't start until you are happy with what you see!